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Navigating Equity Compensation Complexity

We specialize in managing the unique financial complexities that come with equity compensation. From understanding the detailed terms of your equity grants to balancing your portfolio to avoid over-concentration in company stock, our expertise lies in creating a tailored financial plan that maximizes your equity benefits while mitigating associated risks.

Restricted Stock Units

Incentive Stock Options

Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Tax Implications

The Problem

  • Equity compensation is confusing and complex
  • Tax impacts of mistiming or exercising the wrong

  • Missing out on the upside of company stock or the risk of owning too much of one stock

  • Managing the cash flows and tax obligations from an exercise or sale of stock
  • Integrating equity into a comprehensive financial plan

The Solution

  • Work with an experienced team who will takes the time to help you understand your compensation plan
  • Developing an exercise strategy considering factors such as company performance, personal financial needs, and tax implications.
  • Developing a plan to hold, divest, and diversify to align with your long term objectives
  • A plan to help you exercise, hold, and sell stock that considers potential taxes
  • Understanding the type and potential value of your equity and how it can be used to achieve your short and long term goals
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